Rick Amato

Rick Amato Live
Mission Statment
The Vision
Create a bold and unique web site that allowed user interaction and could be viewed on a global basis. Abilities to view streaming videos. Ability to view live broadcast. Allow the membership to communicate with Rick. Let the masses communicate amongst them selves. Provide a method to pledge their commitment. Keep the membership aware of current events. Promote in house churches using the principles of Grace Place. Allow for contributions and provide some sort of commerce allowing followers to obtain pertinent books, media, or information on the subject of Jesus Christ.
The Mission
Promote the word of Jesus Christ on a global basis in a unique manner. Make it clear that Jesus died on the cross to remove our sins. Promote Grace Place (in house churches) Let the unborn be reborn. Create a safe haven where the lost can find God.

Rick Amato: World Renowned Christian Evangelist Speaks Live to Us on the Internet detailing Revelations
Witness here at Rick Amato Live the Life and Times of Jesus Christ: Jesus and the Revolushun of God
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