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12/30/10   Stillness: the Revolushun Speaks Out - Rick Amato
12/16/10   Poor Little Rich Folks - Rick Amato
12/09/10   The Sermon on the Mount: the Revolushun will Outlive Heaven and Earth - Rick Amato
11/11/10   Bad to the Bone: the Revolushun’s Companions are Conquerers - Rick Amato
11/04/10   Faith Under Fire Part II: the Revolushun’s Gentle Strength - Rick Amato
10/28/10   Faith Under Fire: the Revolushun Always Wins - Rick Amato
10/07/10   Either God or a Mad Man: the Revolushun Takes a Face - Rick Amato
09/30/10   Love Is a Verb: Revolushunaries Can Read Between the Lines - Rick Amato
09/16/10   And, So it Begins: No Rest for the Revolushun - Rick Amato
09/02/10   Do You Want to Get Well: the Revolushun Sees Through You - Rick Amato
08/26/10   From Taxes to Truth: Listen to Your Intuition the Key of the Revolushun - Rick Amato
08/19/10   Humanity Has a Ruler: Strange Days Indeed! - Rick Amato
08/05/10   From Compassion To Quiet: The Revolushun’s Balance - Rick Amato
07/29/10   No Rest for the Revolushun II - Rick Amato
07/22/10   Jesus is in the House: No Rest for the Revolushun - Rick Amato
07/15/10   When Daylight Meets Darkness - Rick Amato
07/08/10   Fear Not and Be Still: The Revolushun’s Mantra - Rick Amato
07/01/10   The Counterintuitive Kingdom: The Revolushun Launches Out - Rick Amato
06/24/10   The Headquarters of Heaven: the Revolushun Shines - Rick Amato
06/17/10   The Source of Joy: The Revolushun's Great Equalizer - Rick Amato
06/10/10   The Revolushun’s Mandate: Jesus Preaches the Kingdom of God Part II - Rick Amato
06/03/10   The Revolushuns' Mandate Jesus Preaches the Kingdom of God - Rick Amato
05/20/10   A Prophet with No Honor – The Revolushun Runs Aground - Rick Amato
05/13/10   Water from the Well: The Revolushun Discloses Source - Rick Amato
05/06/10   The Power of Persecution - The Revolushun Moves On - Rick Amato
04/29/10   The Increase of Decrease – The Revolushun Takes Over - Rick Amato

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